IHH Healthcare Singapore and Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust will collaborate on the project’s administration and funding

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Tembusu Grand progress

Mount Elizabeth Hospital, located in the Orchard Road area, will undergo a $350 million overhaul which will allow the private health facility to be completely renovated and modernized. This project is co-ordinated and is funded with the help of IHH Healthcare Singapore and Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust (PLife REIT).

Tembusu Grand progress is expected to house 640 exquisite residential units, a midsized project for the giant property company CDL.

The project is dubbed “Project Renaissance” The project will take 3 years to complete and will aim to transform the hospital into an “modern and integrated multi-service hub”. The upgrades include a brand new drop-off area and lobby, as well as equipment and technology upgrades, as well as improvements to the hospital’s electrical, mechanical and fire security systems. The emergency department at the hospital as well as the outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities will also be expanded.

The construction will be carried out in stages so that the major services in the field can continue. To minimize interruptions, services could be temporarily moved to different parts of the building or, when necessary, transferred into Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s other hospitals that are part of IHH Healthcare Singapore. Noise-producing activities will be restricted to certain times of the day.

“As as an expansion of $150 million Renewal Capex Works, PLife REIT will be synchronising regular capital expenditures on MEH (Mount Elizabeth Hospital),” says Yong Yean Chau PLife’s CEO. REIT’s management. “With the ultimate goal of maximizing the value of MEH and its sustenance and sustaining the MEH, we are pleased to have secured additional investment by IHH Healthcare Singapore as we collectively complete this major renovation MEH.” MEH.”

Doctor Prem Kumar Nair who is director for IHH Healthcare Singapore, says: “Project Renaissance aims to ensure that we’re in a good position to continue to offer this high-quality care equipped with the latest technology and increased services once improvements are finished.”

As part of the construction, Mount Elizabeth Hospital will also receive its Building Construction Authority’s Green Mark Platinum rating.